Quick and Effective Repairs for Your Classic Consoles and Games

Free Inspection and Diagnosis

Old Nintendo on the fritz, and no amount of blowing on it will help? Did you lose your complete Pokedex because the cartridge battery died? Bring your legacy consoles and games to ReGen’s skilled repair technicians for a free analysis and quality repairs to make them good as new (we can’t help with your Pokedex, that’s gone).

*PLEASE NOTE – We do NOT work on the following: Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PS3, PS4, any of the Nintendo DS consoles, Sony PS Vita, or Sega CDx.
For all repairs we do not cover, we highly recommend visiting SysQuick Console Repair store at 7902 Belair Rd, Nottingham, MD, or call at 443-982-8650.

On-Site Disc Repair

We can give your scratched and damaged discs new life! Bring your old game discs to ReGen for a round in our EcoMaster’s wet sanding process to make them functional again!

Disc Repair Prices

  • 1-5 discs – $4 each
  • 6-15 discs – $3 each
  • 16 or more – $2 each

Prices for Common Repairs

  • NES/SNES/GB/GBC/GBA/Genesis cartridge battery replacement: $5
  • GameCube console battery replacement: $10
  • Sega Genesis power port replacement: $10
  • SNES power port replacement: $15
  • NES 72 pin connector replacement: $30
  • GB/GBC/GBA/GB Pocket screen cover replacement: $5
  • Atari 2600 AV mod: $40
  • NES top loader AV mod: $55
  • GBC speaker replacement: $10
  • GB/GB Pocket screen repair: $10
  • N64 controller stick replacement: $10
  • PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4/360/GameCube controller stick cover replacement: $5
  • Any other repairs needed not listed here are $20/hr + parts
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